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In the fall of 2006, a business requirement in the landscaping and construction arena was recognized - better tools to run those businesses

In January, 2007, we answered the call.

We are an online billing management entity offering services to enable landscapers, roofers, grounds-keepers and construction companies to track and manage their business expenses, customer contact information, inventory, payroll, employees, accounts payable, accounts receivable and more.

With our service, business owners have a means through which they can offer their customers the ability to pay bill(s) online and view/print a payment history - in that regard, business owners are often "up one" on the competition. Their customers enjoy the freedom of paying their landscaping and construction fees online using a credit card, check or Pay-Pal funds transfer.

Using cutting-edge technology, even the smallest businesses can have a corporate-like presence. Our tools allow such businesses to manage and automate everything from the most tedious tasks such as printing labels, envelopes and flyers to more complicated tasks such as inventory management, payroll and employee scheduling. Our "next-generation" approach even allows those businesses to e-mail bills, flyers and notices to their customers (which is certainly much quicker than stuffing and stamping envelopes).

After much research, we found that the software packages on the market today (our competition) do not offer features that we feel are important to a landscaping or construction business. Most, if not all, of those other packages require installation onto one or more computers. While that may have been sufficient for some companies some of the time, we felt it was necessary that those same companies have access to their data wherever they are. Lets face it, the product(s) offered by our competition are antiquated and have proven to be inadequate for most business owners. While the features they offer in their software comprise 100% of what it is built to do, it is only a fraction of the toolset we offer.

It was in our research and by hearing the demands of many small business owners that we decided to create LandscapeBilling.com. It fulfills just about every need for landscaping and construction companies to spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing what it is they do best - making money (the entire reason for the business's existence).

It is our belief that late fees, early termination fees and hidden fees should not exist in any business. It is in that belief that we do not charge such fees to any of our customers for any reason.

It is our goal to provide the absolute best service for landscape and construction management. If a customer requires functionality not already provided by our service, as long as it is within our capability and the realm of what our service is to provide, it will be added in as quickly as possible. After all, our customers have a business to run, too, and we are committed to that.

Having just read the above, why wouldn't you enroll now?

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