LandscapeBilling is landscaping software for the green industry.  It allows companies to perform tasks such as billing, invoice management and credit card acceptance  (via PayPal). It allows you to maintain customer contact info, schedule jobs and tasks according to the weather in your area and even has built-in maps and driving directions.
It's landscaping software that is both reliable and affordable
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Landscaping software key features and benefits overview:

Convenient Secure Risk Free Customizable
Landscape software features - Convenience
No software to install.

No more backing up your data - we do it for you!

Manage payments and invoices from practically anywhere.

Customers can view their account details and make payments online.
Landscape software features - Security
Industry-standard 256 bit encryption (SSL)

Customers cannot view your confidential information (financial, personal or otherwise).

99.97% uptime

Rigorously tested and proven stable
 No Risk
30-day risk-free trial

60-day money-back guarantee.

Pay-as-you-go billing structure

Your contact information is kept PRIVATE.

Will not interfere with other files on your computer.
Landscape software features - Customizable
Your company logo on invoices, reports and more

Separate logo for Customer Center

Invoice content is customizable.

Integrate the Customer Center with your existing website
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     Our service puts you in charge. It is so flexible that it can be used in multiple ways. Whether you bill your customers on a monthly basis or after each job, we've got you covered. If you need to propose a rate increase or have a customer sign a legally binding agreement to not hold you personally responsible in the case of injury or property damage, we've got you covered. You can even send your customers holiday greeting cards and "Happy Birthday" cards. No matter what the situation or the document you require, if we don't offer it you can suggest it and we'll add it as a new feature.

     We offer a 30-day risk free trial. We do not request payment information from you until the end of the trial. If, after 30 days, you decide to continue using our service, simply make a payment. You can pay for as little as one month or as many as sixty months in advance (most of our customers pay month-to-month). However, if, after enrolling, you decide to not use our services, simply discontinue use. In either case, your information is kept in the strictest of privacy - we will not sell or share your information with anyone for any reason. EVER.

     Because we secure our site with 256-bit encryption (the same encryption that most banks use), your information and customer contacts cannot be "hacked" or "stolen". Likewise, other users of our service can only view their personal and customer information, not yours.

     We offer so many features and benefits, it's no wonder why others simply pale in comparison. They offer less than half the features and charge more than twice the price. Enroll now and see for yourself why so many landscapers, like yourself, trust Landscape for their landscape billing management needs.

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